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Cost Saving Smart ideas
Monday, 11 August 2014 00:00

Smart Cost Saving Ideas

Buy Bulk with a Friend
Know your needs. Bulk items are only worth buying if you can use them before they expire. Consider shopping with a friend and splitting perishables such as meat, veggies and dairy products.

Inexpensive Art
Take a photo of something you love -- a dog that comes every time you call, a keepsake with beautiful cursive and a colourful stamp, your lucky Tuesday-night poker deck. You can blow it up with some hassle-free Internet help, then frame it, hang it, and be enormously happy every time you walk by.

Flavoured Water
Instead of buying pricy flavoured bottled drinks at the supermarket, add a hint of flavour to tap or filtered water by infusing it with slices of lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber and mint. Set a pitcher of your flavoured water on your desk: You'll drink more if the pitcher is there as a reminder, and you won't have to buy multiple bottles of water, either!

Make Clothes Last Longer
Prepare your clothes for the washer by closing zippers, fastening hooks, and turning items inside out. Wash darks together using the cold-water cycle so they don't bleed onto lighter clothes -- and cold water is crucial, since it lowers your water-heating costs. Line-drying dark items will also help maintain their original appearance -- and you'll save on heating costs of the dryer.

Budget Vases

Instead of shelling out cash for a pricy vase, make your own out of a glass bottle and some enamel paint. See pictures above.

Who is your child's role model?
Monday, 16 June 2014 00:00

7 Characteristics of Positive Role Modelling

More than 75 percent of children say family members, family friends, teachers, coaches and community leaders are their role models, according to the 2008-2009 State of Our Nation’s Youth survey by the Horatio Alger Association. Fewer than 25 percent say entertainment figures, artists, sports figures and national or international leaders are their role models. No matter how much television your child watches, he's most likely watching you or another familiar adult more closely to decide how he wants to lead his life.

Positive Effects of Role Models

Research shows that 56 percent of adolescents identified with role models. Those who identified with role models they knew personally showed higher levels of self-esteem and stronger academics.

Who is Your Child's Role Model?

It is easy to assume, in a media-driven culture, that your child’s most influential role model is his favourite musician, actor, athlete or political leader. But according to research, only 13 percent of high school students claim their most influential role models are entertainment figures or artists. Fifty-seven percent say role models are family members. Of those, 36 percent say their mothers are their role models. Twenty-eight percent identify with their fathers. The other 36 percent identify with other family members.

Parents as Role Models

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