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What is fair?
Monday, 12 May 2014 00:00

Teaching your kids that life is not always about fairness

“It’s not fair” is a common childhood complaint. Parents hear it all the time.

“How come I didn’t get any? It’s not fair.”

“He got more than I did. It’s not fair.”

How do you respond when your child tells you, “It’s not fair?” Do you race around attempting to make sure everything is perceived as fair? Are you on guard to make sure that love, gifts, attention and privileges are doled out evenly in your family? If so, you might be doing your children a disservice. Here’s why.

When your children use “it’s not fair” language, they are assuming the victim stance. They are activating a core belief that life should be fair at all times, and when it isn’t, they feel unjustly treated.

In reality, life is not fair. Two people can be speeding down the highway and only one gets a ticket. Two people can be exposed to the same virus and only one gets sick. The reality of life is that fairness is not applied to everyone at all times. Life simply doesn’t unfold that way. To allow our children to expect otherwise is to set them up for reoccurring disappointment and frustration.

Chaning your car tyre - the how to!
Monday, 28 April 2014 00:00

How to change your car typre

Tools needed: Spare tyre, jack, lug wrench.

1. Park your car on a flat surface. If you get a flat while on the road, pull your car as far away from traffic as possible. Make sure to put on the emergency brake. It’s also recommended to put a block on the tyre opposite of the flat tyre.

2. Remove the hubcap. If your car has a hubcap, remove it so you can get to the lug nuts. Use the hubcap to hold the nuts.

3. Loosen the nuts. Grab your lug wrench and place it on the flat tyre’s lug nuts. Loosen them up by turning them counter cclockwise. The nuts are probably on there really tight, so you’ll have to use all your strength to unscrew them. Loosen the nuts a few turns, but don’t take any of them off

4. Place the jack underneath your car. Check your owner’s manual for the correct placement of the jack. Turn the hand crank at the end of the jack to raise the jack until it comes into contact with your car’s frame. Make sure it’s touching a sturdy spot.

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