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The South African Callanetics Programme
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 20:36


I have had no tummy muscles since my babies – am beginning to feel muscles again. My arms have better definition. The hour spent doing a class is challenging but very enjoyable- a bit addictive; sets a positive frame of mind for the balance of the day. Hip joints were extremely painful when I began, but after 3 months they have eased considerably’. Sharon, age 50.

‘…I now have a body! Knees, bum & arms have shape, there is a beginning and ending line. Tummy is firm and I have one last pouch to work off. Cellulite! Can’t believe it has disappeared from both thighs. The classes have helped my problem back – when missing classes I can feel all the aches and pains in lower back area. One thing is for sure – I will not stop Callanetics – it is my therapy!’ Lydia, age 34

‘I saw a vast improvement in the shape of my body within three week. Now after a couple of months my husband said I now have a better body than when we got married even after having two kids!’ Rene, age 32

Too Many Things To Do...
Thursday, 22 March 2012 20:47


Too many things to do in life? 24 hours is not enough? You wish there were 48 hours in a day? More than 50% of the people surveyed in a recent survye say that "too many things to do" is something they struggle with, something that keeps them awake at night. There's always something going on in life and that's understandable. Here are some tips to deal with it...

1. Create a task list. Create a monthly task list, weekly task list or a daily task list and make sure the list is easily accessible. Don't carry them in your head. Make it a point to put them on paper (diary, stick it notes, computer, task list etc) daily. Whether it's early in the morning or before you go to bed. Once you put them on paper, they're no longer swimming wildly in your head adding to the clutter and overwhelm. Don't overload your head with things to do or with reminders to do them.

2. Follow the 4D strategy. Once you have them on paper, follow the famous David Allen's 4D strategy - just do ONE of the following.

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