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Stay-at-home mums and stress relief
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 13:44


Stay-at-home moms may seem to have an easy job, but in reality, it's a wonderful job that includes quite a big of stress. Many people (including the moms themselves in their pre-stay-at-home-mom days) may think of the life of a stay-at-home mom as an endless string of relaxing tea-parties, fun games of dominoes, or (literally) a walk in the park. At-home motherhood may include those things, but often is also a 'scream through the park' (if toys get taken or sand gets into little eyes), a 'whine through the park' (if the Ice Cream Truck shows up and mom doesn't want to buy), or a 'collapse in the park' (from the exhaustion of trying to keep up with small children all day)! Stay-at-home moms--most of them--often find themselves going from the time they (or their little ones) wake up in the morning until the time they collapse into bed at night. When kids are asleep, it's time to clean up after all of the fun or give Daddy some attention. It's a much-loved job, but it usually only looks relaxing from the outside!

The following tips can help stay-at-home moms maintain some sanity and stress relief in their active lives

Working mums and stress relief
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 13:37


Working moms are notoriously busy, and often find that the unpredictability of parenting, especially parenting small children, leads to additional stress. For example, a potty-training accident or emotional meltdown on the way to daycare has the potential to throw off an entire day day (for both mother and child!) in terms of timing and stress.

If a working mom is preoccupied and stressed, she may be less efficient at her job and possibly prone to mistakes that need correcting or a slowed rate of productivity. If her child is feeling stressed and out-of-sorts, there’s more potential for further conflicts, hurt feelings and difficulty during the day.

The following tips can help working moms maintain some sanity and stress relief in their busy lives:

Plan Ahead and Be Organized

Being organized is a vital skill for working moms. If you're able to anticipate that potty-training accident on the way to daycare, for example, and keep an extra change of clothes in your car at all times, a near-catastrophe becomes an easy fix. If you plan ahead and streamline your routines, there's less fussing, forgetting things, and stressing as you move through your busy day.

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