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4 Fun gifts to make with your kids
Friday, 09 December 2011 16:02



Article by : www.familycrafts.about.com


Homemade stepping stones are a great way to personalize your garden, walkway, or anywhere! These stepping stones make great gifts and are also great keepsakes if they are made using kid's hand prints or footprints or special mementos.

Buy a stepping stone from your local nursery.

Buy non washable and non toxic paint from your hardware store or art store (explain to them what you want to use it for and they will guide you on what to buy) and some no toxic paint remover (to remove the paint from the hands or feet). You will need two colours, one for the background and one for the prints.

Paint a background.

Pour paint into a flat container and dip the hand/foot into the paint and press them onto the stepping stone.

Remove paint from hand/footwith paint remover.

Let the stone dry.

Wrap with a pretty bow.




Bottle or Jar

Epsom Salts

Food Coloring

Perfume or Essential Oil


Combine the desired amount of Epsom salts (enough to fit in your bottle or jar) with food coloring. Mix well so color is even. Add your perfume or essential oil and mix again. Spread the mixture out on a sheet of wax paper to dry for a couple of hours and then put it in the bottle or jar.

While the salts can be used right away, the perfume or essential oil will blend better with the salt if it is allowed to set in the jar for a

few weeks.



These cookie in a jar mixes, complete with recipe gift tag, were loved by everyone on our gift giving list and I hope everyone you give them too feels the same way! Be creative when you make your jars, and make sure you add your own personalized, finishing touches!

Start off by gathering these basic supplies. You will use the same basic supplies no matter what recipe you choose.

Quart Size Canning Jars with Lids

Scrap Fabric




Recipe and Required Ingredients (below)

Follow these simple instructions when you are ready to start filling your jars with the cookie ingredients.

Thoroughly wash and dry the jars and lids.

Pick a recipe from below and gather your ingredients.

Use the instructions and tips from the recipe you choose and fill the jar!

Browse through the recipes below and choose your favorite to try or you can simply try them all! Click here to see the recipes

Use your imagination and these suggestions to decorate your jars.

Cut a circle out of the fabric that is 6- to 8- inches across. (I traced around the top of a bowl!) Place the round section of the jar's lid on the jar and center the fabric on that.

Screw the other section of the lid in place to hold the fabric. Fluff out the fabric where it comes out from under the lid.Fabric:

Recipe: Print out your choice of the printable recipe card/gift tag that goes with the recipe you chose. Trim closely around the recipe and graphic. Put a small piece of scotch tape on the upper right-hand section of the 'Printable Gift Tag' recipe (right behind the top edge of the graphic). This is to give it a little extra strength. Use a hole puncher and make a small hole in the taped corner.

Ribbon: Cut an approximate 3-foot piece of ribbon. I actually used 2 pieces of ribbon with colors that matched the fabric. Thread the ribbon through the hole in the 'Printable

Gift Tag' recipe. Wrap the ribbon around the metal of the jar lid and tie it into a bow. Secure in place with a small dab of glue behind the bow and in the back.




Start out by selecting a rock that is at least 4" x 4". You want it to be big enough to hold down a pile of papers, but small enough to handle. Wash the rock with warm soapy water and let it dry completely.

Tear your decorative papers into pieces around 1- to 2-inches big. Use the foam brush and these decoupage techniques to

completely cover the rock with paper pieces.

Start out by making sure the item you will decoupage is clean and dry. If you are going to paint your item before you decoupage it, make sure the paint is totally dry before you decoupage.

Cut out the pictures you are going to decoupage.

Arrange the pictures onto the item you are decoupaging before you add glue. The pictures can be in any placement you like and can also overlap.

Working in a small section at a time, remove the pictures and apply a generous layer of decoupage medium onto the item you are decoupaging. Make sure you completely cover any area the picture will touch. If you prefer, you can spread the decoupage medium onto the back of the picture.

Stick the picture on the decoupage medium. Use your finger to gently push down the picture (for a large picture, start from the center and work your way out) and push out any wrinkles and excess decoupage medium. You can also use a popsicle stick or brayer to do this.

Continue with the last 2 steps until all your pictures are glued on. Let the decoupage medium dry.

Once all of the decoupage medium is dry, coat your item completely with decoupage medium. Let this dry.

Now, you can continue to add coats of the decoupage medium until you get the desired results. You will, however, want to keep adding coats until the edges of the pictures are all smooth.

Let your decoupage craft dry completely and then it is ready to use, display, or be given away as a gift.

Don't worry about covering the bottom of the rock, to finish your paperweight, cut a piece of felt to fit the bottom of your rock. Use craft glue to cover the bottom of your paperweight with the piece of felt. This will protect furniture from being scratched by the rock.

As a finishing touch to my paperweight, I wrote "Imagine" on my rock using white acrylic paint and then sealed it with a few squirts of clear acrylic spray. Enjoy!

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Be Involved.......Stop Global Warming
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 15:43


If you have not gotten round to setting up your recycling perhaps now is a good time with all the focus on COP 17, for me this helped as I don't have to take the rubbish bags out as often as I now have two bins...........and I feel I am doing my small bit to help our Planet, in Monday's paper there was a protestor with a placard that said "are you trading your grand children in for a 4 x 4"......sobering thought............

Stopping global warming isn't something that only scientists, environmentalists and governments can do. In fact, people can do many things to put the brakes on climate change. Increasing worldwide temperatures from greenhouse gases cause numerous effects, ranging from a surge in sea levels to melting glaciers and frequent heatwaves. Thus, stopping global warming is vital to protecting the environment.

Stopgloablwarming.org - Greenland's glaciers are melting into the sea twice as fast as previously believed....read more on what you can do to help our Planet and click on the icon in the top left corner of my website or the banner below to support "Stop Global Warming Virtual March"

Ten things to do to help stop global warming

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