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10 Time-saving morning tips for families
Thursday, 01 September 2016 00:00

Stress free mornings with your family

Time-saving morning tips:

1. Create an evening preparation routine. An evening routine in preparation for the morning, ie iron clothes, prepare your lunches, locate your keys, plan a nutritious breakfast, etc.  These simple tasks will take you less than 30 minutes to complete each evening and will save you a huge headache every morning.

2. Pack a fun lunch with your kids the night before. Moms pack approximately 180 lunches over the course of a school year, so preparing them the night before is a must. That’s a lot of meals. It can be a challenge to think of a variety of tasty and good-for-you options so early in the morning (ones that will fuel your child for learning). Make a list of lunch ideas and put this on the fridge door, at the end of the day you are sometimes lost for ideas on what to pack for lunches and this will definitely help you.

3. Have school bags ready to go the night before. All sports bags packed, homework books signed and packed in the school bags.

4. Lay out clothes the night before. This is going to save you so much time!  Lay them out for your kids AND yourself.  Get up and get dressed right away.

5. Get up 10 minutes before they do to get yourself ready or even to have that first cup of tea or coffee to ease you into your day. Hitting the ground running is not for everyone....especially not me.

6. Wake your kids up with a cute soothing song. They will wake up with a smile and you will have a happy family first thing in the morning.

7. Have a ‘day of the week’ breakfast. This makes it easy because then there isn’t anything to think about when you wake up and you aren’t making 6 different meals:

Here is a sample breakfast plan:
Monday - Morning Oatmeal
Tuesday - Toast
Wednesday - Waffles
Thursday - Tasty Eggs
Friday - Favourite Cereal day
Saturday - Pancake day!    (I make pancakes easier by re-using a squeeze container to hold the batter)
Sunday - Bacon, eggs & toast

How to cope with rising food prices
Tuesday, 02 August 2016 00:00

Ways to fight rising food prices

10 Ways To Fight Rising Food Prices

Food, clothing and shelter generally top the list of basic human needs. While shopping at a discount store instead of the mall generally takes care of the clothing issue, and living in a small apartment instead of a large house can address your housing situation, rising world food prices can lead to some significant challenges when comes to cutting food costs. Everything from rising transportation costs to the development of biofuels, such as biodiesel, push up the cost of food and put a pinch on consumers' wallets.

While the need to eat isn't something you can avoid, there are some steps you can take to keep the cost of food from gobbling up too much of your income.

1. Dine In

Dining out is an expensive proposition. Just about any nutritious meal that you buy in a formal restaurant can be made at home for a fraction of the price. Even good coffee is cheaper to make if you do it yourself. Fast food is excluded from the category, as high-calorie, low-quality food can be had a bargain price, but the impact on your long-term health may override the benefit of short-term savings.

2. Stock Up

Bulk buying can save you a significant amount of money. Pay attention to the prices and pick up the family-sized package if the per-unit cost is lower than smaller packages and you have a place to store it. Shopping at big-box bulk retailers like Makro can also save on your bill if you shop there monthly. The big boxes are often no bargain at all when compared to sales prices and coupon savings at other stores. In addition, they may encourage you to buy more than you need, driving up your grocery bill. Bulk purchases aren't for everyone.

3. Reward Yourself

If the store that you visit most frequently has a reward card, be sure to sign up. In some cases, stores raise their prices when they offer reward cards, and without the card your bill will certainly be higher.

4. Stay On Top Of Markdowns

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