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Stay at home holiday fun 2012
Thursday, 20 December 2012 22:43

Fun Ideas for the holidays

If you are like some of us that are not going away these holidays (shame poor us) then here are some fun ideas to add some excitement to your holidays.

~ Plan a night ride or walk around your neighbourhood and find all the houses which are decorated in the Christmas spirit and ask the kids to give them a score to see which one is the best, then for fun have the kids drop a Christmas card in the winners post box notifying them that they are a winner!, this will bring great joy to both the kids and the home which made all the effort to brighten the neighbourhood.

~ Go to the beach....at 8am with a picnic breakfast, we are so fortunate in Durban to have such great weather that 8am in the morning is a lovely time on the beach, make a fruit salad, add some yogurt, muffins and tea/coffee/frulata and watch the day unfold. Or go at the end of the day and pack a light meal and watch the day come to an end.

~ Plan a day trip, get the kids involved and plan the destination, the food and an event to do when you get there, you can even make it a mystery trip for more excitement.

~ Cook and bake at home, unleash your inner chef, master chef has inspired you now experiment on the family with all the new recipes you can find, kids love to help in the kitchen and enjoying the food afterwards is a great reward (or not)


~ Redecorate, plan a makeover for your kid's rooms and get them involved in choosing the colours and helping you shop for them.

~ Movie day, for that rainy day that we can expect, make an event of it by going out and choosing a few movies and making some popcorn and fun eats, you can even watch home movies to relive other holidays.

~ For the really energetic, make the kids producers of their own movies and for the holidays they need to help plan fun events to take movie clips and at the end of the holiday you can spend a day helping them put it all together. They will come up with some great fun ideas and it will be a keepsake they can enjoy many years from now.

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