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The Pros and Cons of Gated Communities
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 00:00

How do you feel about living in a Gated Community?

Pros and Cons of Gated Communities

When you think of a gated community, what comes to mind? Probably things like safety, security, exclusivity, expensive homes, and more. But what else lies behind those gates?

Choosing to live in a gated community is a personal preference, ere are a few points to consider before coming down on either side of the fence.

Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

The following are some of the most common benefits that people who enjoy living in gated communities will cite:

Sense of security. The comings and goings of the neighborhood are monitored which tends to make people feel safer about living in a gated community than they would in a typical neighborhood. These areas tend to have low crime rates which confirms the feeling that these are safe neighborhoods.

Privacy of the neighborhood. This monitoring of activity does more than create a sense of safety; it creates a feeling that this is a private neighborhood where you can conduct your daily business without a lot of interference from the outside world.

Quiet atmosphere and general beauty of the area. The gated community tends to be quiet and peaceful with a beautiful appearance. Landscaping is maintained and noise is controlled so it’s possible to feel really at peace even when living in and around large urban areas.

Traffic Free. Traffic and speeding cars are also reduced behind the gates, making it quieter and safer for children to play and ride bicycles within these neighborhoods. You likely won’t have the morning commute using your street as a shortcut either, as much as they may want to.

Higher standard of home quality, and stricter building codes that promote uniformity in design. That means more comparable sales and better value for all the homeowners within the community.

Pride of ownership. Homeowners in these neighborhoods also generally have a higher pride of ownership, and keep their homes in good condition. Along with that, gated communities create a scarcity effect, with few homes within these neighborhoods typically available for sale at the same time, adding more bite to the value.

There may also be social benefits, such as a community center or events that promote group activities for families to get to know each other.

Drawbacks of Living in a Gated Community

Not everything is great about living in a gated community. Some of the most common things about the gated community that people dislike include:

High cost of the home. The homes in a gated community are going to have a higher value than the homes in a typical neighborhood. This adds to the exclusivity of the neighborhood but can be a drawback at the time of purchase.

Ongoing cost of living in a gated community. There are additional costs associated with living in a gated community. For example, you may pay higher property taxes to live here or you may need to pay fees to the homeowner’s association here. These cause additional financial drawbacks related to the purchase of the home in a gated community.

Rules of the neighborhood. There are rules when you live in a gated community. They may vary depending on the community and can be as strict as what color the homes can be painted to as general as requiring that trash not be left out several days in a row. Some people just want to live in their homes and not be bothered with the rules of the gated community where they could live.

Invasion of privacy in the sense of being monitored. People may like the fact that the neighborhood is monitored in terms of the safety it provides but it’s also a little disturbing to know that a guard is watching everyone who comes and goes from your home. Just the hassle of having to make sure to get visitors approved to be let in is too annoying for some people.

Deciding Whether or Not To Live in a Gated Community

For some people, the benefits of the gated community will easily outweigh the drawbacks of living in a place like this. For other people, it’s a no-brainer that the gated community isn’t the right place for them. To determine this, it’s important to consider what you really seek from the neighbourhood in which you live. If what you want is what is offered by the gated community, determine whether you can pay the costs that come along with those benefits.

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