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4 Festive baby shower games
Thursday, 27 October 2011 13:38



Baby Shower BINGO

This game is a shower classic for a reason: It engages the guests in the gift-opening.

You'll Need
* BINGO templates (see below)

* Pens

How to Do It
* Print out enough BINGO templates for each guest.
* Fill in the registry items in the blank squares.

Party Time
* Distribute one BINGO card and pen to each guest.
* As the mom-to-be opens the gifts, guests mark off the gifts on their cards.
* Whoever gets a complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row complete first is the winner.

Give the winner an inexpensive gift


Name That (Baby) Tune
Get the tunes going -- and let guests test their music savvy -- with this rockin' game.

You'll Need
* One mix CD
* CD player
* Pens and paper

How to Do It
* Go through your music collection, or surf iTunes, and make a fun list of songs that have "Baby" or "Babe" in the title. Mix it up with classics (like "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes), pop favorites (like Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time"), and more recent hits (Beyonce's "Baby Boy").
* Pick out 15 songs (or use our playlist at the end of the slideshow) and burn them onto a CD.

Party Time
* Distribute paper and pens to the guests.
* Play part of each song (the first five seconds or so) and have guests write down each song title and artist.
* The guest with the most correct complete answers (title and artist) wins.

Each guest will receive a copy of the cd you made


Don't Call Me "Baby"
Sure, it's a baby shower -- but is it possible to make it through the entire party without uttering the word "baby"? This game tests guests' self-control and listening skills as they try to avoid saying "baby" and call out those who slip up.

"People can get really animated catching each other and aggressively trying to win," says Jennifer Adams, author of Baby Showers.

You'll Need
* One diaper pin for each guest

Party Time
* When guests arrive, give each one a diaper pin to put on her shirt.
* Explain the rules when you give out the pins -- throughout the shower, no one can say the word "baby."
* When someone slips and says "baby" -- and someone will! -- the person who catches her gets her pin.
* Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins.

Give the winner a pin she'll actually want to wear, like a cute vintage brooch.


Who's That Baby?
Everyone loves looking at baby photos, so let guests show off how cute they were as babes -- and see if people can guess who's who.

According to Adams, this is a perfect icebreaker at the beginning of a shower, so try it if you've got a group that doesn't know each other well.

You'll Need
* A baby photo of each guest (ask them to bring one in the invitation)
* Masking tape, or a clothesline with clips
* Pens and paper

How to Do It
* Collect the baby photos when the guests arrive.
* Hang up the photos and label each one with a number.

Party Time
* Distribute paper and pens to the guests.
* Give the guests 10 minutes to match the baby photos to the guests.
* The person with the most correct matches is the winner.

Give the winner a great-looking silver picture frame -- perfect for showing off that cute old baby pic or a photo of one of her own kids.

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