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What is the right age to give your child a cell phone?
Sunday, 07 October 2018 00:00

What is the best age to get your child a cell phone?

Some parents consider cell phones for their young children as essential tools for staying in touch and keeping that line of communication open. Yet others argue that cell phone adoption among kids prematurely opens the door for threats like cyberbullying, sexting and inappropriate Internet use.

There’s room for debate and both sides present valid points, but the behind the discourse, the issue still begs – when should kids get cell phones?

According to a recent study by Elizabeth L. Englander at Bridgewater State, one-fifth of 3rd graders (8-years-old) already own their own cell phones. Her study for the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) of more than 20,000 kids in the state between grades 3 and 12 aimed to research cell phone adoption and its impact on cyberbullying.

10 Ways to creating meaningful family moments
Friday, 07 September 2018 00:00

Meaningful family moments

When the whole family is involved in planning fun activities, you'll have more opportunities to experience special moments. "Family glue" are those moments that connect your family and build deep, healthy relationships. Spending time together as a family takes planning, but it's a good investment. When children feel close to their parents, they try harder to please them and make them proud, which then makes the whole family stronger. It doesn't have to be complicated -- with a little bit of effort, you can turn bonding into a lifetime of funny, sweet stories and lasting memories.

1. Conduct Family Interviews

Members of your family's older generations, like grandparents, great-aunts, and great-uncles, have many fascinating stories of growing up in different eras. Have your kids ask them what life was like in yesteryear and use a tape, digital, or video recorder to capture their tales, voices, and expressions. Then turn the microphone around and encourage older family members to take turns interviewing someone, including the kids. By collecting personal anecdotes and memories, you'll have a time capsule of family history. As kids learn about their heritage, they can start thinking about their own legacies. Transcribe the interviews to create a book or a CD of photos for a slide show to accompany the interviews.

2. Designate a Family "Holiday"

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