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Reserve your Boutique Storefront
We are very excited to launch our new Virtual Boutiques in our Village Mall designed for online stores.

We offer a variety of shopping options across various categories :

Accessories | Beauty | Clothing | Food and Drink | For the Home | Gifts | Health and Wellness | Jewellery | Kid's Corner | Miscellaneous

Our Virtual Boutiques have a unique flair.  Each business will receive:
  • 1. Their own “storefront,” creatively designed ads designed to look like a boutique and complete with a business sign and photos in the windows.
  • 2. Each storefront will have a hyperlink to your business’s website so the potential customer can simply click on your store and start shopping right away.
  • 3. In addition you will feature as our latest Virtual Boutique in our next e-newsletter for free.

We have a variety of storefronts designed and will feature many different designs for visual appeal.

You can view our Virtual Boutique here to see the variety of templates we have available.

A regular listing will place your storefront in one category of your choice. If you’d like to have your storefront advertised in additional categories, you may do so for 50% of the normal rate per category.

The rate is only R 200 for a 3 month contract, other contract are available below.

If you would like to get listed now, simply email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How will it work?
  • 1. You will need to submit a short business description of 15 to 20 words so that it can fit into the Product Information box, 3 to 4 photos we can choose from and your link to your online store.
  • 2. We will select the best storefront available and 2 of your photos for your boutique windows.
  • 3. We will design your storefront for you.
  • 4. We will send you a draft for your approval and once you are happy we will issue you an invoice.
  • 5. Once the invoice is paid your boutique will be launched.


Advert Type and Placement

Size in mm

3 Month Contract

6 Month Contract

9 Month Contract

12 Month Contract

Village Mall – a virtual boutique shop window for online stores only, listed by category

If you want to list your online store in an additional category it will be 50% of the rate for each category

90mm x 80mm

R 200

Monthly investment of only

R 67 per month

R 380

Monthly investment of only

R 64 per month

R 550

Monthly investment of only

R 61 per month

R 700

Monthly investment of only

R 59 per month

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beauty shop
clothing shop
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jewellery shop
kids corner shop
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